Where communities


Where communities



We exist to empower people through practicing our passion for SPACES, GATHERINGS, and GROWTH.

We are a boutique
community developer that aims to enrich communities by building purposeful projects that allow people to gather and grow.

We develop unique spaces that
provide opportunities for business beginners and homegrown talents, while celebrating the unique context of each locale.


From lifestyle centers and malls, to markets and bazaars, we are set on providing an avenue to gather and grow wherever we set our roots. 


We look forward to your visit! Have a safe and fun shopping experience in all our #LotusDevelopment properties! 

Don’t forget to wear a mask, face shield, and practice physical distancing at all times.

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Partner with us and discover how you can gather and grow with LOTUS Development!

Business Opportunities

Our commitment to local talents and entrepreneurs goes beyond providing them the opportunity to establish their own business—it's also about giving them the chance to be heard and recognized. Grow with us and secure a spot at any of our spaces today!