Our Partners

Enriching the community comes with advocating each individual—and through our spaces and projects, we are able to provide opportunities, champion their businesses, and share their stories.

Angel Lalikan and Jasser Morales

Bon Appetea

Portal Mall Tenant since Feb 2020

When we were setting up this business, two important considerations for us are location and leasing terms that would fit our business plan. Portal Mall is an easy choice for us because of its strategic location.

Portal Mall has been a great help to our business, from contracting, to construction and operation. With the few months that we have been operating in Portal Mall, we can say that they have been a good partner to us.

Bon Appetea 1.jpg
Jennifer Ungco

J. Ungco Ballons and Party Needs

Koncepto Bazaar tenant since Dec 2017


Noon ay dati lang akong online seller ng mga party needs. Dahil kumuha ako ng pwesto kay Koncepto at nagkaroon na ako ng offline store, mas dumami ang aking clients at mas napadali ang pakikipag meeting ko sa kanila.


Dagdag pa dito ay nakikipag-collaborate ako sa admin para sa pag reserve ng venue pag ako ay may i-cater na event like birthdays at wedding receptions. Mababa ang renta, madali ang proseso at convenient place ito para sa aking mga clients. Okay na okay at maganda ang collaboration namin at dumami talaga ang aking client dahil sa Koncepto.

J Ungco 1.jpg
Dr. Rosalina Robles Malicsi

Koinonia Optical Clinic

Portal Mall Tenant since 2015


In our 5 years as a tenant is Portal Mall, our experience was good. We’ve been blessed by many patients coming in because of the good service, location, and affordable price. The surroundings are kept clean. 


The mall management has been very supportive of its tenants. They help promote our business, drive foot traffic, and create programs to boost our sales. They really take good care of their tenants.

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Xander Obnamia

Pandayan Bookshop

Portal Mall Tenant since 2016


Lotus Development and Portal Mall have both been supportive of our store from the very beginning They gave us opportunities to promote and be known throughout the whole GMA, Cavite community. We also feel safe and stable because of their tight and orderly security system. In addition to that, the mall staff are very approachable. We can say that Lotus Development really helps their partners and businesses grow.

Barbara San Jose

Tronix Imaging CenterPortal Mall Tenant since 2016

The management always comes up with new ideas on how to help their tenants grow their business and attract more customers. That being said, having Lotus Development and Portal Mall as a partner is a blessing because of the support that goes back and forth. 


They trained their staff well and it shows whenever they encounter customers and other tenants. They are very approachable, accommodating, and easy to work with. I also commend the security guards and utility staff for being respectful towards customers and tenants.

Glen C. Escobido


Koncepto Bazaar Tenant at Stadium Shopping Strip since 2020

We formed a great partnership with Koncepto Bazaar and Stadium Shopping Strip. They Their dedication to help businesses grow is evident in their plans and actions. We appreciate the fact that they are very approachable.


Koncepto Bazaar in Stadium Shopping Strip is a good place to start and grow small businesses like mine.

Richnard Dacer

Master Siomai

Lotus Central Mall Tenant since 2007

I was always at Lotus Mall and saw the possibility of growing my business there because it’s a well established mall that had high foot traffic. 


I grabbed the opportunity to run my own business with Lotus Development and was able to reach and cater to students, employees, and various mall-goers. 


For those who want to grow their business, Lotus Development is a good place to start. Everything you need to build your business is right here in Lotus Mall.

Maria Luise Remo

MARKZEY’s Food Store

Lotus Central Mall Tenant since 2020

I started my business during the pandemic period, and working with Lotus Development helped me grow and gain customers. This is the first business under my name and established inside a mall. 


Dahil sa pandemic, nag-try din ako ng online selling at delivery. Ang maganda doon ay customer ko din yung mga tenants na kasama ko. Here, I was able to support fellow small business owners as well.

Ephraim Ramos 

Ochado BucandalaHarvest Marketplace Alapan 1-C  Tenant since 2019

Dahil sa pandemic, naging limited ang dine-in services namin kaya nag-shift kami sa takeout and delivery. Kahit challenging, nakatulong ang pagkakaroon ng positive mindset.

Garry Lee Sumeguin

DIY Hardware

Portal Mall Tenant since 2016


It is an honor to have a good business partnership with Lotus Development and Portal Mall because they help us promote our store the best way they can. In terms of our concerns, the management is able to address and resolve them quickly. It also helps that they are very accommodating. 

Feliclaire Adangas

Claire Optical Clinic

Harvest Marketplace Alapan 1-C  Tenant since 2019

Harvest Marketplace is more organized and safer than ever, especially now in the time of COVID-19. Because of their safety protocols and our own, we’re able to do our business as usual, help customers with their needs, all while ensuring their safety.

Gemalyn Japa

Gemshoppewear and Fashion

Portal Mall Tenant since 2017

Starting a business is not easy; there are ups and downs, but these are the challenges entrepreneurs have to face in order to succeed. Portal Mall is a good business partner because they treat their tenants well, and are willing to help businesses like mine to grow.