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How Lotus Development can help you grow your business in Cavite

Lotus Development was established in 1997 as a property developer in Cavite. It is our passion for local talents and surrounding communities that defines a deeper purpose of why we do what we do—to give Caviteños a chance to create their own success stories. Ever since, our mission to ‘gather and grow’ has been at the core of everything we do.

While the pandemic caused businesses to stop, it doesn’t mean those stories should, too. We’ve adapted multiple ways to continue supporting our tenants like offering discounted rental fees and leasing promos, but we decided that a group of mentors can benefit them the most. A few months ago, our plan finally came into effect with the Lotus Development Tenant Relations Partners.

The Tenant Relations Partners (TRPs) is a team with members selected from different Lotus Development departments who serves as the bridge between tenants and the management.

How is this beneficial? If you’re building a startup brand or expanding your business, Lotus Development may be the perfect choice for you. Not only do we offer an easy leasing process, affordable rates, and convenient locations all over Cavite, we also have our TRPs to help you achieve business success.

  • They can help business beginners adapt quickly. Though we’ve made our leasing process as simple and as quick as possible, it’s much easier to have someone who will guide you every step of way.

  • They are your business partners. Our TRPs will be there to mentor you from start to end. They will help you set your goals, strategize, and create concrete plans on how to best achieve business growth.

  • They represent YOU. You can also rely on them to voice out your concerns, feedback, requests, and suggestions during the weekly meetings with the management. They carry the responsibility to make sure that all things are addressed. This saves everyone time and effort, and lessens the possibility of misunderstandings.

No matter how uncertain times are, you can always count on Lotus Development and our TRPs to give you and your business an avenue to gather and grow. The community will always be ready to help you in any which way, all you need to do is contact us!

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